Our trip to Alaska June 2011

We have arrived!

Dear Friends and Family,

We arrived safely in Anchorge yesterday.  The trip was very uneventful except the getting up at 2:30AM to get to the airport on time.  We only had the minimal airport experience with the xray machine.  I guess we looked pretty harmless.  The first plane left early to Seattle and we departed that plane only to be herded back on minutes later as it was the plane we flew in to Anchorage.  So much for my worry about not making the connecting flight! 

After we checked into our hotel, we took a 1 1/2 mile walk to Peggy’s Restaurant which was recommended by Sarah Palin in her Alaska series.  The food was good old homestyle cooking.  Sarah was right, the pies are great!  Our walk both ways took us through some interesting areas of town, the ones they don’t tell you about on tours.  The weather was real nice, about 65 or so…great walking weather.  On the walk back, we also stopped into a great fur store called David Greene’s.  It is a three generation business.  It was really neat to see some of the beautiful furs on display.  Susan and I tried on an awesome sheared beaver coat (pictures attached.)  The sales lady told us that PETA isn’t in Alaska.  <G> We hit the hay early as we thought it a good idea to catch up on some needed sleep.

This morning brought with it another beautiful day.  We had a nice breakfast at the hotel, complete with reindeer sausage and salmon scrambled eggs.  Food is pretty expensive here.  Gas is an average of $4.11 a gallon.  That was a surprise as they have the darned pipeline here!

We then headed down to the trolley station and took a nice tour of the city.  I always like city tours as they tell you the history and the fun facts.  We were on the lookout for moose  but didn’t see any.  We stopped at the airport and watched a couple of planes take off and land on the water.

After the trolley tour, we went to the local farmer’s market and walked around, sampling reindeer hotdogs and funnel cake.  Reindeer hotdogs taste like a leaner version of keilbasa (is that spelled right?).  Lots of local artisans.  Susan met a local celebrity, Cosmos, the dog.  She got a copy of his book, “My Name is Cosmos.  I live in Alaska.  The Story of a Cowboy dog’s trip to the last frontier.”

After our walk, I went back to the hotel to figure out how to edit the pictures we’ve taken so that I could include them in this entry.  Susan went out to watch a movie on the Iditarod and Bears at McNeil River Sanctuary.

Tomorrow, we leave for Seward and a tour of the Kenai Fjords.

Best wishes to you all!

Susan and Lori


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